The Last Fifth, Cast of Wonders (February) A drone and a boy.


Straight Lines, Sunspot Jungle Anthology Volume 1 (December) Reprint

A Handful of Dal, Escape Pod (October) - Reprint


Straight Lines, Escape Pod (December) Reprint

The Weight of Sentience, Shimmer (November) - Love, faith and mountains.

The Orphans of Nilaveli, Where The Stars Rise Anthology (October) - On erasure

The Waduf, Kaleidotrope (July) - A storyteller and her nemesis

A Ghost Among The Mangroves, PodCastle (July) - Ghosts of black July.

Broken Winged LovePOC Destroy Fantastic Fiction Anthology - Reprint


The Three Lives Of Truck The Red - The Sockdolager (Fall) - Autonomous persistence

A Handful Of Dal, Lightspeed - POC Destroy! SF (June) - Food and history

Straight Lines, Mothership Zeta (May) - A ship with a specific kind of problem

A Revolution In Four Courses, Flash Fiction Online (January) - Reprint


Copyfactory, Nature : Futures, (October) - Upload minds and the scientific process.

Broken Winged Love, Strange Horizons, (October) - A story about parenthood

Infinite Skeins, Crossed Genres (August) - A story about love, loss and parallel worlds.

A Revolution In Four Courses, Daily Science Fiction (July) - A fantasy story about food and cultural oppression



Cup of Tea, Mithila Review (Fall) - A cup of tea is not neutral...

Jackfruit, Strange Horizons (February)  - On the lives of immigrants


Shuttlecock, Inkscrawl (Fall) - Racquet smash

Were--, Liminality (Summer) - Transformations

Moirae, Mithila Review (June) - Cyclic destiny

Muir, Illumen (Spring) - One tree, one song

The Rambutan Man, Strange Horizons (January) - A ghost story


Mage // Cirus, Inkscrawl (December) - Of clouds and wizards

The Sky Is My Heart, Through The Gate (October) - Inclement weather

Origami Crane / Light-Defying Spaceship, Liminality (September) - Paper folds and engines.  Winner of the 2016 Prix Aurora award for best poem.