Prix Aurora! / by Naru Sundar

I'm thrilled to announce that my poem Origami Crane / Light-defying Spaceship (published in Liminality) has won the 2016 Prix Aurora for best poem/song!  

Some facts:

  • I wrote this poem in one sitting somewhere in the first two weeks after my son's birth.  I'm not sure exactly when because a) the first few weeks of having a new addition to the familyfor first-time parents is like some sort of strange hallucinatory experience equal parts ecstatic joy and trauma where time has no meaning and b) all the timestamps on my project file got updated when I had to put together a draft copy for the Rhysling Anthology
  • It was the second poem I wrote in 2015 (and frankly ever, aside from occasional high-school drivel) -- I call this incredible beginner's luck because more so then most written works poetry's appreciation is ephemeral and impossible to quantify or predict
  • This poem was among the list of incredible poems that make up the Rhysling Anthology (that I am still woefully behind in reading through)

I'd like to send out a hearty thank you to Shira & Matt at Liminality.  They're curating some amazing works over there and I encourage everyone to check out the wonderful poets who grace their pages.  I'd also like to send out a hearty thanks to those in the CSFA that nominated and voted for me.  Lastly I'd like to send a warm congratulations to the other winners, who you can see here.

As with most awards -- before award, write poetry; after award, write poetry.