An Award Eligibility Post - 2017 / by Naru Sundar

Reader, I have been remiss on my a-blogging.  So we've arrived at that time of year when lists of things are a thing.  So here is mine.  I have three stories published in 2017 that are eligible for the Hugo, Nebula and Prix Aurora awards:

  • The Weight of Sentience; Shimmer, November.  A story about love and faith and surrendering.
  • A Ghost Among The Mangroves; PodCastle, July; One of my most personal stories, set in Sri Lanka and referencing the riots of Black July in 1983, and a particular aftermath.
  • The Waduf; Kaleidotrope, Summer; A lush science-fantasy featuring a battle-narrator and a nesting of tales.
  • The Orphans of Nilaveli; Where The Stars Rise Anthology, October; A short story about erasure set in a future Sri Lanka (only available in print, but contact me on twitter if you want a copy)

In addition, the following poems are eligible for the Rhysling Award:

  • Jackfruit; Strange Horizons, February; A poem about the immigrant experience.

I've been very lucky to have these pieces published this year, and I appreciate hearing your comments about them on twitter and elsewhere.  Thank YOU!