Statistics / by Naru Sundar

I noticed someone else doing this on their blog and figured it might be a good time to look back on my writing over the past year till now.  My first submission was in February of '14 though the two pieces that I started subbing during that window were completed earlier in the year


  • Submissions : 13
  • Sales : 0
  • Stories Written :
  • Total Words : 16,494


  • Submissions : 15
  • Sales : 1
  • Stories Written : 4
  • Total Words : 17,255

Conclusion -- I've had some good output this quarter :)  A lot of that has been a heavy push in my meagre amount of spare time in the past few weeks.  I had a few WIPs in the hopper that I really wanted to complete and get into the sub cycle before the baby showed up.

In any case, I have 7 pieces out for submission right now with fairly long lead times so it's unlikely I'm going to hear anything back anytime soon (two of them might respond soon-ish but I have higher hopes for a few that I just recently submitted).