Poetic And Other Happenings / by Naru Sundar

All sorts of fun things happening on the poetic front in the last two months.  First off, the realm of pleasant surprises.  My poem from Liminality, "Origami Crane / Light-Defying Spaceship" got nominated twice for different awards:

  • Rhysling 2016 anthology (Nominee) - If you're a member of the SFPA you'll get a copy of this anthology with all the nominees and a chance to vote!
  • Prix Aurora Awards (Finalist!) - This one is given out by the Canadian SF writers association.  I was thrilled to hear that I am on the final ballot with a few other awesome poets.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled.  I'm still not quite getting the hang of seeing myself as a poet, but I guess I am.  The Rhysling is given out at Readercon in June-ish if I recall, and the Prix Aurora is given out in August at the When Worlds Collide convention in Calgary.  Its unlikely I'll actually make the trip out to either, but still, exciting bits!  Also, much encouragement to push the poetic envelope this year.

Now, publications and sales:

  • Muir in the Spring 2016 edition of Illumen.  You can purchase an e-copy direct from the Alban Lake store.  This is the first poem I wrote and submitted last year, so glad to see it find a home somewhere. 
  • Were-- will appear in the summer edition of Liminality.  This was a whimsical poem about were-moons and were-universes.  I'm excited to see who else will be in the summer issue, because Liminality is really putting out some incredible poetry.

I also have an additional poetry sale that I'm quite excited about but can't speak of yet until the TOC is announced.

On top of all this, the TOC for POC Destroy! SF was announced! I'm super thrilled to be in this special issue along with some fantastic authors.  

Note to writers, POC Destory! Horror is looking for subs!  I'm going to be working on my piece for it over the next few weeks trying to make the deadline.  And beyond that, POC Destroy! Fantasy was also funded, and I have a crazy idea that I've been mulling over that needs to get down on paper for this issue.