May & June Publications / by Naru Sundar

First off, POC Destroy SF! came out today! I'm really thrilled to be part of such a power-house issue.  For the curious, my story in the issue is a SFnal story about food!  You'll have to buy the issue to check it out, not all of the stories are being rotated for free through the website.  I'm gleefully checking my mailbox for my contributor copy, the art looks fantastic!  There are so many good authors in this issue and I'm looking forward to read all the stories.  My essay on destroying SF is also a part of this issue, along with all of the other essays that were sent out via the Kickstarter.  Highly recommended reading!

I was a bit lax on mentioning this on my blog in May, but issue 3 of Mothership Zeta also came out, with a story of mine.  The rest of the stories in the issue are fantatic and funny and I appreciate how MZ is taking up the banner of adding some lightness and levity to all of the prevalent grimdark in SFF.  Which is not to say that my story is all lightness -- my story delves into mental health issues in a SFnal context in a wry style with a touch of humor.  I was happy to see the story find a home.  I believe MZ will be rotating the stories through their website over the next few months but for now you can purchase their issue from the previous link.

I've also got two poems coming out this month but I'll post again once they're live.